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We come together



Come together with a group of like-minded folk who are keen to learn more about the wine in a relaxed space.


By teaming up with venues, Too Many Vino’s curates the perfect environment for dynamic wine events and experiences.  


Aimed at all wine-loving folk, from beginners and beyond, TMV will lead the sessions to help participants flesh out all the juicy and interesting parts of the processes, flavours and origins behind the wines! 


Come along, have a drink, have a laugh, meet new people and expand your knowledge with Too Many Vino’s.



Wine ShinDig Series

For the wine-curious folk

Too Many Vino's Wine ShinDigs series is all about having fun with a few too many rare vinos you wouldn’t normally be able to get your hands on.


These tight-knit pop-up sessions will delve into specialised, rotating themes so you can fully immerse yourself in the fine and funky splendour of new world wines, or be transported with timeless old world wines from faraway places.


Expect to learn about vino in an interactive and informative manner, with sommelier Cyndal Petty leading the sessions with a relaxed but reverent approach to wine.


Each session runs for approximately 2 hours, explores a minimum of 6 premium wines relevant to the theme of the evening, and includes an epic cheese board or share plate (because everything is better with snacks). 


Wine Shindig
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