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Meet Cyndal Petty 



Beginning her apprenticeship at 16, Cyndal became a qualified chef by the age of 19 and has now spent over a decade working within the food and wine industry, largely in the top tier, fine-dining restaurants across Australia and the world. 


Over the years, Cyndal has lived in four of Australia’s wine regions and now calls Margaret River home. 


Having been raised in Victoria by two chefs as parents, Cyndal was introduced to the world of food and wine before she could say ‘vino’.

Her early years set her up for developing a deep understanding of and passion for the industry – and a healthy taste for fine food and wine. 


Cyndal's life of travel and time spent working in many unique places around the world has allowed her to develop a broad knowledge base and diverse set of skills, further fuelling her interest in wine and food along the way. 


Cyndal has achieved her WSET Levels in Wine and is currently working her way through the IWS Master courses. Her 'obsession' and love affair with wine, food and teaching, naturally oozes out as she shares her deep knowledge with those who wish to learn. 


Cyndal’s found that when it comes to wine, the potential to learn more is endless and the process will always have you asking the next question; but that’s okay. At Too Many Vino’s the goal isn’t to know it all, but to keep learning about the liquid you love by sharing knowledge and wine with others who love it too.

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